Our Team

Our caring and compassionate veterinary care team!

Meet the Veterinarians & Team of Monroeville Pet Clinic in Monroeville! We’re pleased to provide exceptional vet care for your pets!

Please call us at 251-743-4061 to speak to one of our caring veterinary staff members!


  • Dr John Grider

    Dr John Grider,who some say bears a faint resemblence to Tom…


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    Bridget Glidewell

    Bridget Glidewell has been a receptionist with The Pet Clinic for over 24 years.…

    Veterinary Assistant

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    Angela Rowell

    Angela Rowell has been a Veterinary Assistant and receptionist for over 17 years.…
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    Kelly Rowell

    Kelly Rowell has been a Veterinary Assistant here for over 17 years. …